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iRyciclo Play

Green Economy:

a sector that doesn’t know crisis


Green project take care of eco sustainability and well-being of people and want to reduce human impact on the evironment creating visibility and financial gain.

iRyciclo Play is the first service in the worls that brings together Eco-promotion smart in Digital Signage with the sustainable development of the city. iRyciclo Play create a connection between citizens and partner companies based on the union of recycling and smart Eco-promotion. Our eco garbage cans have an attractive design and they could be installed in every urban or commercial area of your city.
Tecnlogy innovation applied to recycling made a communication between the Eco garbage cans iRyciclo Play and citizens, creating a direct connection between eminently useful activities of recycling and our partner companies.

Le tecnologie innovative applicate alla raccolta differenziata incentivata favoriscono una forte comunicazione tra gli eco raccoglitori iRyciclo Play e i cittadini, creando un collegamento diretto tra il riciclo virtuoso ed i nostri partner commerciali.

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The eco garbage cans iRyciclo Play simplify and encourage recycling. Everyone throw here the garbage in return for (branded) eco-coupons that could spent them in services and product showed on Digital Signage on monitor 55 ” LED Backlight 1200 nits or could recive offerts and promotion by push notification on PC, smartphone and tablet from the app iRyciclo Play. They could recivee adv on social media as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


The iRyciclo Play eco garbage cans are managed in remote control by our IT team that in real time can update or modify every promotional content.

Plastic and Aluminium



Used oil


Loghi and brans are used as illustrative purposes under permission of the owner.

iRyciclo Play:

 the eco-promotion

 in Digital Signage

iRyciclo Play is the first company with a winner business base on recycling and eco-smart promotions.

The eco advertising in Digital Signage provide secure profit.

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