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Invest in the eco franchising
iRyciclo Play

iRyciclo Play offers an investiment plan with immediate and guaranteed earnings.

Change requires courage
be the first to support the green economy with iryciclo play.
No special storage site, additional costs, permissions, burocracy, no special transport, no warehouses.
iRyciclo play is the first service in the world that combines the smart eco-promotions in Digital Signage with eco-sustainable development of your city with the rycicle of plastic, glass, paper, used oil and RAEE (electonice devices and small home appliances).

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Gains from recycling with:

Plastic and aluminium Glass Paper and cardboards Used oil RAEE (small household appliances and consumer electronics)

iRyciclo Play: the eco-promotions in Digital Signage

iRyciclo Play is the incentive separate collection that gives you greater visibility, customers and protects the environment. Today the consumer is increasingly green attentive to prices, quality and nature. That’s why iRyciclo Play believes in the synergy between green systems and innovative technologies.