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Eco-smart promotions in digital signage

Advertising has changed!


Eco promotions in Digital signage increase your customers.

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Innovative technologies applied to recycle promote a strong communication from the eco garbage cans iRyciclo Play to citizens, creating a direck link between recycle and our business partners.

Benefits for enviroment and citizen

The eco garbage cans iRyciclo Play simplify and encourage recycling. Everyone throw here the garbage in return for (branded) eco-coupons that could spent them in services and product showed on Digital Signage on monitor 55” LED Backlight 1200 nits or could recive offerts and promotion by push notification on PC, smartphone and tablet from the app iRyciclo play. They could recive adv on social media as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In real time

The eco garbage cans iRyciclo Play are equipped with GPS devices and are managed in background from our IT team in real time that can upgrade or modify every promotional content.


of iRyciclo Play


Reach a wider audience

Everybody that recycle with eco garbage cans iRyciclo Play receive eco-incentives and will be costantly update about commercial offers of our partners.

Advertising costs reduced to a minimum

You don’t have to stamp and hand out flyers: less costs and more possibility to update automatically the offers on eco garbage cans iRyciclo Play

Help environment

Being on eco garbage cans iRyciclo Play mean be in first line on promoting recycle. Learn more about Eco garbage cans iRyciclo Play »

Grow with the smart eco-promotion iRyciclo Play

Eco coupon

spendable at our business partners

Eco coupon and eco garbage ans can be


for a maximum visibility

Advertising h24

on 55″ LED Backlight 1200 nits monitor, with 15 seconds slides.

Digital Signage technology

managed in background and constantly updating.

Instant connection by smartphone with

iRyciclo Play App

Promotions on pc, smartphone and tablet via

push notification

Grow with iRyciclo Play!

The smart eco-promotion iRyciclo Play are custom designed for local business creating an effective chaneel with the union of affordable cost and the great potential of digital marketing.
Contact us to discover how advertice your business on eco garbage cans iRyciclo Play!